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Specialty Windows

No matter the need Lastech has you covered

With our selection of specialty windows like Bay, Bow, or Garden windows you can complete an entire job with the quality of Lastech. Our Bay and Bow windows are constructed with insulated head/seat boards and a cable support system. All of our specialty windows are constructed with the same attention to detail and quality hardware you have come to expect from Lastech.

Common door configurations

Configuration Specifications

Meets or exceeds the following industry standards

Window Type/Door TypeStructural RatingDouble Pane/LowE3Tiple Pane/LowE3
Double HungLC-PG300.
Horizontal Slider (XO-XOX)LC-PG300.
Single HungLC-PG250.
Picture WindowCW-PG450.
  1. Mikronblend® vinyl construction for strength and durability
  2. Inside glazing gives protection and clean sight-lines
  3. Cam action locking system
  4. Full interlocking, airtight meeting rails
  5. Attractive beveled frame profile and detailed finish
  6. Smooth operating stainless steel balance system
  7. Single and double hung windows feature tilting sashes for easy cleaning
  8. Stainless steel rollers for smooth operation
  9. Window screens designed with easy pull rail
  10. Insulpac foam-filled frames for superior insulation
  11. Gold Series antimicrobial treated weather stripping
  12. Full length, metal reinforced meeting rail
  13. Weep hole covers prevent air infiltration and block insects
  14. EnhancedView™ screens
  15. XL Edge Series of Glazing
    • UVSelf Cleaning Glass™ for less maintenance
    • Clarify™ Glass for a clearer view
    • Protective film ensuring clean glass on delivery
    • XL Edge Spacer System

XL Edge™ Spacer by Cardinal Glass

Exceeds industry standards for seal durability by 4 times or more

XL Edge™ glazing in the Synergy window is based on a rugged polyisobutylene/silicone dual sealed insulating glass unit. This construction delivers the best durability available today. In the rigorous P-1 test, insulating glass units are subjected to worst case, real world conditions: 140° F, 100% humidity and constant UV exposure. Most insulating glass units fail this test in between eight and twenty-two weeks. XL Edge™ insulating glass units passed 80 weeks of testing, and never failed! The proof is in the field. Failure rates of these units is demonstrated to be less than 0.20% in twenty years, a fraction of windows with other sealant and spacer systems.

XL Edge™ Exceeds Industry Standards

  1. Primary Seal - Polyisobutylene (PIB). Excellent resistance to UV, moisture permeation and argon retention.
  2. Secondary Seal - Specifically formulated silicone. Excellent weathering resistance, glass adhesion and UV protection. Best sealant available for structural integrity.
  3. Spacer - Stainless steel. Maximized area for sealant coverage and low seal stress. Four bent corner, single joint construction.
  4. Desiccant- Molecular sieve. Optimized moisture absorption.

Patterned Glass Options

Synergy Series Windows

Tilt Double
Hung Section
Tilt Single Hung Twin
Bay Window
Tilt Single Hung Triple
Tilt Single Hung
Tilt Double Hung

Whether you are concerned about privacy or just want to add a designer touch, Lastech has a decorative glass option to keep your room beautiful while allowing the light to flow naturally.